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1. RabbitMQ is installed and connected to Magento.

The image below shows that RabbitMQ is connected with Magento, if the queue “async.operations.all” does not display as the image, that means RabbitMQ cannot connect to Magento, please follow the instructions to install RabbitMQ from Magento to configure it.


2. Magestore POS supports message queue

  • POS Enterprise Commerce >=v4.8.0

  • POS Enterprise >=v4.13.8

  • POS Pro Commerce >=v4.5.0

  • POS Pro >=v4.15.0

Read more: How to check your POS version from the backend, to know which version of Magestore POS you are using.

3. Magento Cron is configured and running


1. Configure the env . file

  1. Open file app/etc/env.php

  2. Find the key ‘cron_consumers_runner’ in the file


2. Edit message queue configuration in Webpos module

1. File: app/code/Magestore/Webpos/etc/queue.xml
  • Tag “broker”

    • Attribute “exchange” change from “magento-db” to “magento”

    • Attribute “type” change from “db” to “amqp”