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            root: "app/code/Magestore/Webpos/build/apps/pos"
            allow: false
            scripts: false
                - index.html
                    allow: true
            passthru: "/get.php"
            root: "app/code/Magestore/Webpos/build/apps/pos/static"
            allow: true
            scripts: false
            passthru: "/front-static.php"
                    passthru: "/static/$resource"

The result looks like this image



If you have any further application like clickandcollect or mobile_pos in the directory app/code/Magestore/Webpos/build/apps/, add the corresponding code with adjusted app name

6. Add changed file and push to remote


7. Waiting for deployment completed

8. Connect to the environment on Magento Cloud via SSH

9. Adjust Redis session configuration

Note: This is an optional configuration if you are using Redis for Magento Session.


  • Edit the value max_concurrency to a suitable number. Magento recommend we set that number by 10% of the number of PHP processes. If you don’t know that then try in the range from 6 to 24 is fine. For example 20.


10. Configure Message Queue

Note: Magestore POS default supported to work with Magento Message Queue with no special configuration needed (only need Magento Cron installed and running) if the POS you are having meets the below conditions


In case that you want to change the Message Broker to RabbitMQ so please follow the guide Configure Magestore POS to use RabbitMQ on Magento.



Run redeploy on from Magento Cloud CLI

12. Waiting for deployment completed

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