Why I can’t log into the POS with a grayed out option

If you can’t log into the POS and see the location(s) grayed out with another username in parentheses after, they likely have an open session running (if you’re using Session Management). That means that user can be logged out already, but you still can’t log in with another user due to the ongoing session.

Grayed out login option for user2

Step 1: Log in with user named in parentheses

To solve this you have to end the running session with the user that’s stated in the parentheses.

Log in in with the user’s account and select Session Management.

POS with Session Management highlighted

Step 2: Close the running session

Here you can close the running session.

Open Session Management screen with Close button

Confirm the closing balance (in our example case there were no purchases, so it all shows $0.00).

Session Management screen with closing balance confirmation

Validate that the theoretical and real closing balance are correct.

Session Management screen with validation button

Step 3: Log out after closing the session

Now that the session is closed and validated you can log out with the user (in our case called user1).

Session Management screen with side menu showing Logout button

Step 4: Log in with different user

Now that the session is closed another user can log into the POS (in our case named user2).

Working POS selection for user2

Since there is no session running now, after selection of the POS the new user will directly be prompted to open his session.

Open Session screen for user2