What is Unconverted Orders?

Uncoverted Orders are the orders made from POS but have not been fully synchronized with Magento’s order. 

Why can we meet”not complete synchronization”? Because in a request to create an order, there will be requests to generate the shipment and invoice immediately. So, if a part of those requests has an error, we need to save save them into Unconverted Order to run synchronization again anytime.

The orders displayed in this grid will include some error situations:

  • Cannot be made into Magento’s order (error of order or item information or address, shipment and payment information)

  • The invoice has not been created successfully

  • Unsuccessful shipment creation

  • This grid contains the operations Magento provides for their grid, including: pagination, column management, view management, data export, sorting, and filtering. 

  • In addition, on this grid page also provides additional mass action allows Admin users to manipulate faster, you can have choose all Unconverted Orders > Action > Convert to proceed a large number of uncomverted orders.