Why does the Unconverted Order keep processing for a long time?

Sometimes, you will see the Unconverted Order show the status “Processing” like the below image

The cause

  • The order just enter the processing status when you view the list of unconverted orders

  • The consumer was terminated while the order is processing, so it cannot complete the processing order.

  • The consumer convert order has not started yet


1. Wait at least 1 minute

May the time you view the list of unconverted orders. The order just enters the processing status, therefore, it shows the processing status. You need to wait for a minute to make sure it is converted, then refresh the page to get the latest result.

Action needed: Refresh the page after the 1-minute wait.

2. Convert the order by hand

While process converting order, the consumer is terminated by the system for any reason, so the order will stay at the processing status. You need to convert the order manually or put it back in the queue so it can process conversion again.

Action needed:

  • Method 1: Convert order manually (The order will convert instantly after you click the button)

  • Method 2: Put the order back into the queue for re-convert (The order will be putted back to the queue and wait for the conversion. Please make sure that the consumer is running before do this action)

3. Stop and start the convert order consumer

The convert order consumer will be triggered by cron or manually, in case the cron does not trigger the consumer, you have to start it manually from the command line.

Action needed:

  1. Run the below commands at the Magento Root directory

    1 2 pgrep -f 'magestore_pos_process_order' | xargs kill -9 php bin/magento queue:consumers:start magestore_pos_process_order.convert.consumer &


  2. Put the order back into the queue for re-convert