POS Component

POS and Location

Magestore POS is a new sales channel of Magento, likes Magento website. Therefore, following the architecture of Magento Inventory Management, the POS Location will be linked to Magento Stock and Magento Source. When you create a new POS Location, you also need to create a Magento Stock and Magento Source to manage inventory of that Location.

Session and Cash

Magestore POS gives store owners the tools for effectively managing session (cash flow). The flow of cash in the POS is initiated by two things:

  • Money coming in, such as customers making purchases, or you put more money into the cash drawer.

  • Money going out, such as taking money out for business expenses (such as your inventory, staffing costs, operating bills, etc.) or order refunds.

At the end of every shift or day, the POS can generate a report to show all of these figures automatically.

For more detailed instructions on how you can manage session and measure cash flow on POS, check the linked articles.

POS Payment

Magestore POS work perfectly with some payment method! This component describe how we can config to using compatible payment method reasonable on Magestore POS.

POS Hardware

Magestore POS work perfectly with some hardware! This component describe how we can config to using compatible hardware reasonable on Magestore POS.

Product Management

Magestore POS work perfectly with Magento Product. This component describe how we can config to using Magento Product reasonable on Magestore POS.

Order Management

Customer Management

Barcode Management

Marketing Management

Store Credit

Reward Point

Gift Card

Inventory Management

Magento Inventory Management system keeps track of your stock flow across all sales channels and locations. Ensure the right stock in the right place anytime, at the right cost.

Purchase Order Management

Purchase Order shows retailers exactly what and when to replenish products. Avoid over and under buying. You’ll always have enough inventory to fulfill orders.

Fulfillment: Pick/Pack/Ship

Manage that order shipment according to pick/pack/ship

Store Pickup

Allows customer to choose the nearest store location with the most convenient dates & times for picking up so you can prepare products at the location in advance. Instantly increase shopping convenience and boost sales.

Drop Ship Management

Drop-shipping (Drop-ship) is a term to describe the retailer does not keeping goods in stock, but instead transferring sales orders and shipment details to the wholesaler/ supplier, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.