Quick Guide for Admin

This guide helps you set up Magestore POS for your store. Follow these 9 steps to configure your system and start selling in no time.

Step 1: Create location, stock, and source

The next step is to set up location, stock, and source for your POS:

  1. Create POS Location

  2. Create Magento Source

  3. Create Magento Stock

  4. Link POS Location to Magento Stock

Step 2: Configure POS general settings

Start with the following settings:

Step 3: Assign products to location

Once you’ve set up your location and inventory, you can assign products to location with 3 methods:

  • Assign sources per product

  • Assign and un-assign sources in bulk

  • Import inventory via CSV file

You can also update location inventory:

  • Per product

  • In mass via import

Step 4: Enable product on POS

Remember to enable product on POS so they display on your selling screen.

Step 5: Create a POS

Create 1 or multiple POS for your location.

Step 6: Set up role, permission, and user

To create accounts for your staff, create roles and set the relevant permissions.

Then add POS users and assign the correct role for them. 

Step 7: Set up tax

Configure tax for your store in 4 steps:

  1. Set up Tax Zones and Rates

  2. Set up Tax Rules

  3. Set up tax calculation

  4. Set up tax display

Step 8: Set up payment methods

In Magento backend, configure the payment methods you use in your store:

Step 9: Set up device

The final step is to run the POS on your devices and connect your hardware.

You can access POS on:

Connect the following devices to the POS:

  • Barcode scanner (such as Opticon or Zebra)

  • Cash drawer

  • Credit card reader

  • Payment terminal

  • Receipt printer (Star Printer TSP650 for example)

Your POS is now ready for checkout.