Why tax is not applied on my POS

Sometimes, you config tax rate in the backend but when you check out on POS, the tax is not applied.

The cause

  • When checkout on POS, the billing address will be based on the address of the location. If the location, when you create the tax rate, is different from your POS location, the tax cannot be applied.


Step 1: Go to Store > Taxes > Tax Zones and rates > Click the Tax identifier you want to show on POS > In Tax Rate Information section, pay attention to two fields: State and Country (For example, in the picture below, I want to apply the tax rate of India Karnataka Tax 1 for POS, I will check the state and country fields).

Step 2: Go to POS > Admin > Manage Locations > Select a POS location > click view in Action column > Scroll down to Address section > Check the value in the “Country” field and “State or Province” field > Change the value in these two fields to make it the same as what you configured for tax rate > Save.

Step 3: Check by placing an order on POS to verify whether tax is shown or not.